Our Universe-Solar System-Rotation-Revolution

      Our Universe-Solar System
No. Our Universe
1. Solar system consists Sun, Planets, Satellites, Asteroids and Comets.
2. Due to the rotation of earth day and nights take place.
3. The period of rotation of earth is 24 hours.
4. Due to the revolution of the earth different seasons takes place.
5. Period of revolution of Earth is 365 1/4 days.
6. Neptune has 8 Satellites.
7. Uranus has 21 Satellites.
8. Jupiter has 16 Satellites.
9. The Planet Saturn has 30 Satellites.
10. Earth has one Satellite called Moon.
11. There are no Satellites to Mercury and Venus.
12. The distance traveled by the light ray in one year in vaccum is called Light Year.
13. Sun belongs to Milk way Galaxy.
14. Our univers consists thousands of Galaxies.
15. Galaxy is a large group of Stars.
16. Jupiter is the biggest planet.