Indian History

Indian History-Persian-Greek Invasions

1. Persian invasions on India started in
a) 5th centruy B.C
b) 6th centruy B.C
c) 7th centruy B.C
d) 8th centruy B.C

Ans: ( b )

2. The persian emperor who conquered tribal kingdoms in the north-east India
a) Maues
b) Menande
c) Demetrius
d) Darius

Ans: ( d )

3. When did the Persiam emperor Darius invaded India?
a) 516 B.C
b) 616 B.C
c) 567 B.C
d) 498 B.C

Ans: ( a )

4. Greeks invaded India under the leadership of
a) Maues
b) Alexander
c) Menander
d) Demetrius

Ans: ( b )

5. When did Alexander invaded India
a) 320 B.C
b) 330 B.C
c) 327 B.C
d) 332 B.C

Ans: ( c )