Indian History

Indian Culture Abroad

1. Ashoka sent his son Mahendra to Simhala to spread
a) Hinduism
b) Buddhism
c) Jainism
d) Bhagavata

Ans: ( b )

2. Burma was also known as
a) Ceylon
b) Simhala
c) Suvarnabhumi
d) Siam

Ans: ( c )

3. Thailand was also known as
a) Kampuchia
b) Simhala
c) Ceylon
d) Siam

Ans: ( d )

4. Where was a Hindu colony in Central Asia 1000 years ago?
a) Khotam
b) Ceylon
c) Simhala
d) Java

Ans: ( a )

5. Famous buddhist scholor from India left for China in 416 A.D to spread Buddhism
a) Kumarajiva
b) Aswaghosha
c) Upagupta
d) Vasumitra

Ans: ( a )