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Poverty and Unemployment

Which of the following is a direct method of reducing economic inequalities?
a) Estate duty
b) Wealth tax
c) Capital gains tax
d) Ceiling on holding



What is the employment growth rate during 1999-2000 to 2004-2005 as per 61st round NSSO Survey
a) 3.5%
b) 3.4%
c) 2.6%
d) 2.1%



Lakdawala committee was appointed on
a) Povetry Estimation
b) Insurance sector Reforms
c) Bank Frauds
d) Public Welfare



Which book was written by Dadabhai Naoroji on Indian poverty and eonomy under British rule?
a) Indian Economy under British Raj
b) British Rule and Economic Drain of India
c) Economic Drain and Poverty of India
d) Poverty and Un-British Rule in India



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