Indian History

Development Programmes

National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme(NREGA) introduced in 2006 to provide employment in rural areas for atleast 100 days.
Bharat Nirman Programme was started in 2005 to provide infrastructure facilities in rural areas(Irrigation, Housing, Water facility, Roads, Telephone, Electricity)
Pradhanmantri Adarsh Gram Yojana was started in 2010 for the development of SCs in rural areas.
National Livelihood Mission was started in 2009-10 to reduce poverty in rural areas.
Drought Prone Area Programme:
The aim of Drought Prone Area Programme is to protect from droughts by developing the ground water. National Fund for Rural Development (NFRD) is started on Feb, 1984 to provide financial assistance for rural development projects.
Training Rural Youth for Self Employment (TRYSEM) is started Aug 15, 1979 for raining the rural youth for self-employment.
Small Farmers Development Agency (SFDA) was started in 1974-75.
Green Revolution was started in 1966-67. The aim of Green Revolution is to increase the production of food grains especially wheat.
Indian Tourism Development Corporation (ITDC) is started in 1966.
Command Area Development Programme:
The aim of Command Area Development Programme (CADP) 1974-75 is to ensure better and rapid utilisation of irrigation capacities of medium and large projects.
Intensive Agriculture Development Programme:
The aim of Intensive Agriculture Development Programme is providing seeds, loans and fertilizers to the farmers.
Housing and Urban Development Corporation started on 1970.
Community Development Programme is started in 1952.