Indian History


The total number of people living in a place during a specific period is called the population of that place.The collection and analysis of facts and figures related to human population is called Census. In India, since 1872, census has been conducted regularly for every 10 years.
Total Population: 1210569573.
Total Male Population: 623121843.
Total Female Population: 587447730.
Total Rural Populaton: 833463448.
Total Urban Populaton: 377106125.

Population Density: 382 per sq kms.
Sex Ratio: 943 per 1000 males.
Sex Ratio Rural: 949.
Sex Ratio Urban: 929.

Literacy Rate: 72.99%.
Literacy Rate Males: 80.89%.
Literacy Rate Females: 64.64%.

Growth Rate: 17.7%.
Rural Growth Rate: 12.3%.
Urban Growth Rate: 31.8%.

Scheduled Caste Population: 16.6%.
Scheduled Caste Population (Rural): 18.5%.
Scheduled Caste Population (Urban): 12.6%.

Scheduled Tribe Population: 8.6%.
Scheduled Tribe Population (Rural): 11.3%
Scheduled Tribe Population (Urban): 2.8%