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Panchayats-73rd Amendment

      Panchayats Indian Constitutiion
No. Panchayats
1. The Constitution ( Seventy-Third Amendment ) Act, 1993 added provisions to the Constitution regarding Panchayats.
2. Articles 243 to 243O contain provisions regarding Panchayats.
3. Part IX of the constitution contains provisions regarding Panchayats.
4. Gram Sabha consists registered voters of village.
5. The powers and functions of Garam Sabha are provided by the law of the State.(Article 243A)
6. Panchayats shall be constituted at village level, intermediate and districtlevels. However, intermediate level panchayats may not be constituted in a state having a poplation not exceeding 20 lakhs (Article 243B)
7. All the seats in a Panchayat shall be filled by persons chosen by direct election.(Article 243C)
8. The Chairperson of a Panchayat at the village level shall be elected in the manner provided by the law of state.
9. The Chairperson of a Panchayat at the intermediate or district level shall be elected by the elected members from among them.
10. In every Panchayat seats shall be reserved for SCs and STs according to their population.
11. One-third of the seats that are reserved for SCs and STs shall be reserved for women belonging to SCs and STs.
12. One-third(includes seats reserved for SC and ST women) of the total number of seats shall be reserved for women.
13. The office of Chairperson at all levels of Panchayats shall be reserved for SCs, STs, and Women as per the law of the state.(Article 243D)
14. The duration Panchayat is 5 years from the date of its first meeting.(Article 243E)
15. The powers, authority and responsibility of Panchayats and powers to impose taxes by panchayats shall be as per the law of the state
16. As per Article 243 I the Governor of the State constitutes Finance Commission once for every five years to review financial position of the Panchayats.
17. The maintenance of accounts and audit of accounts shall be as per the law of state.(Article 243J)
The State Election Commission conducts elections to all panchayats. It consists State Election Commissioner appointed by the Governor.(Article 243K)
19. The provisions of this part (Part IX) also apply to Union Territories.