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Municipalities-74th Amendment

      Municipalities-Indian Constitution
No. Municipalities
1. The Constitution (Seventy-Fourth Amendment) Act, 1993 added provisions to the Constitution regarding Muncipalities.
2. Articles 243P to 243ZG of the Constitution contain provisions regarding Muncipalities.
3. Part IXA of the constitution contains provisions regarding Muncipalities.
4. Municipality means an institution of self-government constituteed under Article 243Q of the Constitution.
5. As per Article 243Q of the Constitution Nagar Panchayat for a transitional are(area transition from rural to urban); Municipal Council for a smaller urban area; municipal Corporation for a larer urban area shall be constituted.
6. All the seats in a Municipality shall be fill by persons chosen by direct election.(Article 243R)
7. Wards Committees consisting one or more wards, shall be constituted within the area of Municipality having a population of three lakhs or more.(Article 243S)
8. In every Municipality seats shall be reserved for SCs, STs according to their popuulation in the Municipal Area.(Article 243T)
9. One-third of the seats that are reserved for SCs and STs shall be reserved for women belonging to the SCs and STs.
10. Not less than one-third (including the seats reserved for SC, ST women) of the total seats shall be reserved for women.
11. The duration of every Municipality is five years from the date of its first meeting.(Article 243U)
12. The powers, authority and responsibilities of the Municipalities and power to impose taxes by the Municipalities shall be as per the law of the State.
13. The Finance Commission constituted under Article 243I reviews the financial position of the Municipalities and makes recommendations to the Governor of the State.
14. The maintenance of accounts by the Municipalities and auditing of the accounts shall be as per the law of the State.
15. The State Election Commission conducts elections to the Municipalities.
16. The provisions of this part (Part IXA) apply to the Union Territories.
17. As per Article 243ZD District Planning Committee shall be constituted at the district level to consolidate the plans prepared by the Panchayats and Municipalities in the district and to prepare the development plan for the whole district.